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The widescreen printing opens new possibilities in qualitative printing. Banners, posters or colorful advertisements in different sizes are possible to print very easily and fast with plotters.

A Plotter (Widescreen Printer) allows to print on different fabrics. Mostly advertisement companies as well as architectural and geoinformation agencies are using this kind of techniques because of their endless opportunities.

If you are now interested in used plotters, you can find a huge amount of different brands and models on our website.
Used widescreen printers from Germany are very popular abroad.

There are no disadvantages in buying used plotters. They are not only offering you unique opportunities and already have been tested and proofed by specialists, their prices are also amazing.
The devices we offer all have quality certificates and be technically examined before selling.

How to choose plotter?

To make a decision for a model you should orient on the different printing types:

  • – pen plotters have high accuracy when printing;
  • – cutting plotters are able to print an cute at the same time;
  • – laser plotters are using special printing facilities;

We will help you to finda device that will fit your imaginations.